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Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to afroartnet FAQ forum! Please send questions or comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Hints for Success of your Portfolio

Buyers purchase your artwork directly through afroartnet using your credit card, PayPal, or checking account. Afroartnet does not charge a commission for use of it’s payment gateway. We pay all service charges and commissions. All transactions using PayPal are governed under PayPal’s terms of service. You can get a PayPal account at


How can someone purchase artwork?

Buyers purchase your artwork directly through afroartnet using your credit card, PayPal, or checking account. Afroartnet does not charge a commission for use of it’s payment gateway. We pay all service charges and commissions. All transactions using PayPal are governed under PayPal’s terms of service. You can get a PayPal account at


I forgot my password

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or got to help center section.


How do I upload my art and in what format?

Art can be uploaded directly from your computer's hard drive (or diskette) or from another website.

In order to submit art from another website, you will need to know the URL of each art piece. For more information, please refer to the help topic on determining the URL of an image.

Images should be in .jpg, .gif, or .pgn format. Recommended file size is 50k. Recommended DPI is 72.
You can submit art by clicking on "Submit Art" in My Account Page.

How do people find my artwork?
Below are some of the ways, visitors can find your art on afroartnet.
Keyword search at the top of every page
Browse the marketplace
Browse the list of artists
Browse Galleries/Collector’s Choice
Browse the Critic's Corner

Directly from / (via our daily database feed)

Direct navigation (


How do I critique an art piece?

If you haven't done so already, register with afroartnet.

1) If you haven't done so already, register with afroartnet.
2) Navigate to the art listing. You can do this by searching for it in the search bar
3) If the submitter has elected to have this art piece critiqued, you will see a "critique bar" below the picture of the art piece. 4) Alternatively, you find art to be critiqued through the Critic's Corner.

How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my membership?

Please contact your our billing department:
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or


I need help... where do I go... whom do I contact?

Make sure to read this entire section first. 99% of all questions are answered right here. If you have specialized problems please read on. is a very small online arts company dealing with tens of thousands of customers. Please call us at 610.480.8956 (during regular business hours, Eastern Standard Time USA) and we will try to help you, but please read the entire help section first. You may also send questions via email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . When sending an email to us with questions, please be patient as it may take a few days for us to read and reply to your emails. Please make sure to include a real subject line: with your current problem. If you send an email with no subject line it gets deleted automatically. If you use all capital letters your email will be automatically deleted. We receive thousands of emails a day. So, please include as much information as possible. For example if the artwork upload does not work, tell us what the resulting error is and as many specifics as possible. Please also include the operating system you are using, as well as the kind of browser and version of browser you are using.


What is the portfolio?

The Portfolio is a marketing tool that was created to give every artist effective online exposure world wide. You'll create and maintain your very own online portfolio within the largest Gateway to Arts Information on the Internet -! You build it, you control it, you access it 24/7/365! Upload your artwork and invite your friends, family, clients and gallery contacts to visit your online portfolio. How about showing your portfolio to thousands of gallery owners, collectors, interior designers, art enthusiast and other art buyers? Gallery owners and collectors frequently browse to discover new talent! If you want to take advantage of this opportunity sign up now! Choose your level of commitment and easily upgrade later.


Will other people have access to my email address ?

No! does not share your email address with anyone. It is used to contact you!!! Please take a look at our Privacy Policy.


What is a login?

When you sign up for an portfolio you'll choose a login. This login should simply be your first and last name with no spaces and no capital letters. It will become a part of your URL or web address for visitors to view your portfolio (it is not private and should not be personal). It will also be required, along with your password to access your account page to update your portfolio. If you need to change your login, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


What are the differences between the portfolio levels ? offers three portfolio levels for individual artist to decide their own level of commitment. As you upgrade, your portfolio will offer not only more image space but many more features as well. Our Premium Artist Portfolio and Gallery/Collector’s Choice Portfolio require monthly/yearly fees, however we also offer the Basic Artist Portfolio. The free level is a great way to check out our basic services and see how the portfolios work. Also, it is a good idea to create your Free Portfolio before applying for our paid Portfolio. This makes it very easy for our jury to review your work, and will make it even easier to upgrade once you've been accepted into the premiere level. View the details of all three levels on our membership section.


Is the Free Portfolio really free?

Yes! All basic services provided by the Free Artist Portfolio are entirely free of charge. All you have to do is sign up! Take a look at the three different portfolio levels we offer.


How do I sign up to have my own Portfolio?

The first step to create your on-line portfolio is to sign up.
The sign up process is simple, fast and it lets you personalize your portfolio. will not display your e-mail address, mailing address or phone number to anyone. Only you will have access to this information. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

The portfolio is a service provided by African Artist Network, LLC.


How do I create my portfolio?

First, sign up and choose a login name and password to access your portfolio. The login name you choose will be part of your portfolio address (URL) and will be public, so make sure you choose a word that is related to your portfolio, such as your first and last name or artist name. Then, choose a password for your portfolio and type in your town of birth (this information will be required in case you forget your password). You will be asked to enter your name, email address and complete address. The other fields are optional but we suggest you enter as much information as possible to personalize your portfolio. Then you are ready to Sign In to your personal portfolio manager. Enter your login and password details in the "account login" area at the top of and choose "artist portfolio" and click "sign in". There you will be ready to start working on your portfolio! You can now add artwork, enter your artist statement, galleries and exhibitions and show your art to the world!    


How do I sign in to make changes to my portfolio?

You can make changes to your portfolio at anytime by signing in. Simply enter your login and password into the "account login" area at the top of and choose "artist portfolio" and click "sign in". You will be taken to your portfolio manager page where you can add artwork, change or add your artist statement, exhibitions or galleries, edit your personal information, send your friends invitations to visit your portfolio and much much more!    


Can I change portfolio levels?

Yes, if you are at the Free or Artist level you can easily upgrade by logging into your portfolio and clicking on any "upgrade" button. If you do not renew one of the paid portfolio levels you will be automatically downgraded to our Free level. If you have been downgraded from our Premiere level and wish to upgrade back to Premiere, please contact us directly at 610.480.8956or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to make your annual payment and get reactivated. You will not be able to reinstate your Premiere status online if you have missed the renewal period.   


What is the address for my Portfolio?

After you are done entering information to your portfolio, you will probably want to show your portfolio to other people. The web address (URL) to your portfolio is letter/login

That is, if your login name is: wahala

Your portfolio address will be:


How do I delete my portfolio completely?

If you wish to remove your portfolio and all images/information from completely, please send us an email requesting to be deleted. Please make sure you have any information you need from the portfolio first, once deleted images/information will not be recoverable. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your delete request from the email address listed on file with us . If you no longer have access to the email address on file with us, please send your login and password or your "town of birth" with your delete request.

Is there an e-mail address where I can send suggestions or questions?

Yes! We would love to hear from you! You can e-mail suggestions or questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


How do I add artwork to my Portfolio?

It is easy to upload artwork images into your portfolio! Sign in and look for the "add art" button which is found to the right of the "personal profile" section. Or, click on the "artwork" button in the menu bar on the left hand side of your portfolio and then "add a new work of art". You will have the option to either upload artwork from your computer or from an existing website.

To upload from your computer you need to have digital images of your artwork on your computer's hard drive or accessible on CD. Now all you have to do is fill out the information about the artwork you want to add to your portfolio and select the file from your computer using the "browse" button. Also make sure to select the file type (.jpg or .gif) below this box. Keep in mind that the required fields are marked with a red star *, and your request will not be completed until all of the required fields are filled out. When you have filled in all the required fields and selected the file to upload, click "upload artwork". Please keep the following details in mind:

Valid filenames can only contain letters or numbers.

NO spaces (ie: mountain view.jpg) or special characters such as ':#@!%^&*()-+ are allowed.

There is a maximum file size of 800K per image for Free and Artist Portfolios and 3M for Premiere Portfolio artists.

Images must be saved at 75 DPI or less.

FOR MAC USERS: Be sure that your file actually has the .jpg or .gif extension in the name (ie: picturename.jpg or picturename.gif). Without the valid extension you will not be able to upload any artwork images. Furthermore, your jpg file should be saved at compression "medium" or 3. Mac users are also advised to upload .gif files rather than .jpg files and to use recommended browsers Firefox or Explorer. The Mac browser Safari has known user ability problems with some features of our site.

When you click "upload artwork", you will be taken back to a blank upload page to continue uploading with another artwork image and details. To see your successful upload, click on the "portfolio manger" button on the left and you will be taken back to your main portfolio manager page. You will see a thumbnail of your new uploaded image along the right hand side. To edit this artwork information, click on the thumbnail image or the artwork title.

To upload artwork from an existing website, you will need to know the exact URL that contains the image(s) that you wish to upload. This option will pull any images off that URL that fit our size requirements. This option will not work if you simply enter your home page if the images are actually contained on sub pages of your home page (ie: your home page may be however your actual images may be located at: When you have entered the correct and full URL, click "get URL for artwork". This process will take several minutes and then you will see thumbnails of all of the images that have been transferred. You will need to select one image to start with and follow the same process as above for entering the required fields for this image.


How do I change the size of my artwork image before upload?

As stated before the maximum size for your image is either 800K or 3M saved at 75DPI. In other words if you have an image that is too large you will have to edit it before uploading it. There are many commercial and shareware programs to use. Some of the most popular are Photoshop, Photo Deluxe, Paintshop Pro. Simply resize it using one of those programs to insure it will meet our requirements before you upload it.   


How do I edit my artwork information after it is uploaded?

To edit the details of your artwork, login and click on the "artwork" button on the left side menu bar of your portfolio manager. You will see a page with all the images you have added to your portfolio. You can scroll through each artwork to see the details previously entered and options to change these details or delete the image completely. After you have made any updates, make sure to click "submit artwork". You can also update artwork information by clicking on the thumbnail of that image along the right had side of your portfolio. You will then have the option to "update" this specific artwork. Don't forget to click "submit artwork" when you are done or the changes will not be saved!   


How do I change the title of my artwork?

At this time the only way to change the title of your artwork is to delete the work entirely and enter all the information again. We regret the hassle but we cannot offer any other way at this point.    


How do I delete artwork?

To delete an artwork from your portfolio permanently, sign in and click on the "artwork" button on the left menu bar of your portfolio. You will next see a page with all the artwork you have added to your portfolio. Find the artwork you would like to delete and click "delete artwork". After confirming your request the artwork will be permanently deleted from your portfolio. You can also click on the individual artwork's thumbnail along the right hand side of your portfolio and click "update" and "delete artwork".  


How do I change my personal information?

To change your personal information, sign in and click the "update" button next to the "profile" section. Or click "profile" on the left menu bar. Then enter the new information and hit "submit changes".


How do I change my password?

To change your password, sign in and click on "PROFILE" on the left menu bar. Follow the link that says "I want to change my Password". Enter your old password and type in your new password, and your password will be changed.  


How do I change my artist statement?

To change your artist statement, sign in and click on "statement" on the left menu bar of your portfolio, or click on the "update" button next to the "artist statement" area. Then enter your statement in the appropriate field and hit "submit statement". Your artist statement will appear on your main page. Keep in mind that there is a maximum of 2000 words to your artist statement.


How can I see specific information on each artwork I've uploaded?

To see the information you've entered on a specific artwork, sign in and click on the any of the images you've uploaded on the right side of your Main Account Page.


What is the ‘Manage My Account Main Page’?

This is your main portfolio manager page. Here you will find all the information you have entered on your portfolio, as well as all the artwork you've uploaded and your exhibitions, artist statement and your galleries. Use the left menu bar to make any changes or additions to your portfolio. This section is not accessible to other viewers and you'll need to login to this section each time you want to make changes.


What is the Artist Work Page?

Your artwork page shows you all the artwork images you have uploaded to your portfolio, and allows you to change the information on each specific artwork, delete artwork from your portfolio or add artwork to your portfolio. To get to your Artwork Page, sign in and click on "artwork" on the left menu bar on your portfolio.  


What is a Blog and how do I start my Art Blog?

Blogs are sort of like an online journal. This is your space to share your thoughts with the world. Use the space to start a dialog on any art related topic and include images.


I have emailed you and never heard anything back

We receive thousands of emails every day. Since our email addresses are published over 80% of received email is either Spam or junk mail. Thus we have instituted very stringent filters. For example any email with no subject or typed in upper case letters will automatically be deleted. If you feel that your email did not make it through our filtering software, please be so kind and give us a telephone call at ( USA) 610.480.8956 and we can answer your questions over the phone. We thank you for your understanding!


I am getting an empty page when uploading images

This can happen when your image you are trying to upload is too large for the servers to accept. Premiere Portfolio artists can upload images of up to 3MEG each, regular and free portfolio artists can use images with a size of up to 800k. The other possibility is that the connection between one of our servers and your computer has timed out. This can happen if you have a 56k or slower Internet connection or if there is a bottleneck in the Internet. Try it again at a later time or off hours when there is less Internet traffic in general.


My upload was successful, but the image has not shown up!

Unfortunately this means the upload was not successful (even if it said upload successful) and it will need to be loaded again. There may be a number of reasons why the image was not loaded correctly. If the system did not give you an error message, check for these things:

Remove all spaces from your file name (ie: mountain view.jpg should be mountainview.jpg)

Try removing any apostrophes/single quotes within your description field (we are working to allow this in the near future). You may be able to go back and add them by "editing" the image once it is uploaded.

Make sure your description is not more than 200 words

Make sure you do not put decimal points in the dimensions fields (ie: depth= 0.25)


There is someone elses' artwork in my portfolio! does not mix up artist portfolios. You are using the search engine. Our search engine results will show other artist portfolios. For example your name is John Smith and you search for John Smith, results might also be shown by other artists such as Tom Smith or John Brown. Viewers will then click on your name/artwork to go to your personal portfolio page. Your regular portfolio page will not be affected by this.


Nobody is buying my art. What is the problem?

We can't promise you guaranteed sales (and neither does a gallery) but your portfolio will receive lots of exposure.


My uploaded images don't show up on the screen!

The most common reason this happens is that when you visit your portfolio page (html page) your web browser has "cached" this page. What this means is that it has this page in memory and has not refreshed (renewed) the page when view it. You can force your browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox) to download the page again instead of showing you an older version by holding down the shift key at the same time as you click on the "refresh" or "reload" key in your browser window. This will force the browser to download the new version of the page and show your updates.


I got a "You've timed out message". What does that mean?

In order to keep your information secure and prevent other people from accessing your portfolio, you will be automatically signed-out after 20 minutes have elapsed without any changes to your portfolio. To regain full access to your portfolio, simply sign in again. Instead of composing your artist statement, biography, exhibition history in the form provided by you may want to compose them on your local computer and save it there. Then you can paste them into the online form easier and you won't lose the information you just worked so hard to put into the form.


I forgot my password! What do I do?

If you forgot your password, go to the Password Recovery Page at and enter your email address or login and we will send you an email with your login name and password. Make sure to keep your password secure so others cannot change your portfolio. If you do not know your login or if your email address has changed, please email your "town of birth" to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for password recovery sent to an email address not on file with us.


I changed the theme / subject matter / medium of an image. Why is it not updated on many pages?

Once you have changed the theme, subject matter or even medium of a piece and it takes up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect in all the databases and static html pages. Thus, your artwork might still appear in the old theme page for a while. Pages are constantly updated on a rotating basis. Thus it will take a while for all those changes to take effect. Check back and be patient...


I can't find the artwork I just uploaded to my portfolio by searching on the site.

Now that you have uploaded new work to your portfolio you may try to find it throughout the site by searching in different categories. Keep in mind that our database programs take up to 24 hours to update individual pages throughout the site. Thus when you add a new artwork to the site it may take up to 24 hours for it to be listed under the specific medium/theme/subject you listed it as. Even though you see it on your personal portfolio page, our search option pages may not have updated yet. Take a look again in a day and see if it is included now.


My Portfolio was updated to a Paid Portfolio and it is still listed under "Free or Artist"

After that it may take a few hours for the changes to take effect across our servers. There may be a delay in how your work will show up within the Premiere sections. The delay should not be longer than a day or so.


My Portfolio was recently upgraded to the paid level, but when I login I am asked to renew at the Artist level

Please send us an email to have this corrected and gain access to your Premiere Portfolio again. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


I got a "You've timed out message". What does that mean?

Blogs are sort of like an online journal. This is your space to share your thoughts with the world. Use the space to start a dialog on any art related topic and include images.


My Portfolio does not show any of my images... or there are no images showing up at all on my browser page

This happens once in a while because there are a couple of bugs in Internet Explorer. What happens is that Internet Explorer cannot interpret the newest versions of jpegs created on a Mac with Photoshop. What the Mac does is it inserts extra information into the jpeg / jpg file and Internet Explorer cannot understand that information. Thus it will not display any images on those pages. The only solution to this problem is to close the Internet Explorer and start it up again. We hope that Microsoft will address this problem soon because many visual artists are using Macs to save and upload images. Mac users can upload .gif files to attempt to avoid this as much as possible for their viewers using Internet Explorer.


I am a Mac user and my jpg images won't upload

Mac users have reported problems when uploading jpg images. First of all remember that a valid file name is "filename.jpg". It has to have the extension .jpg at the end of the filename. Secondly, make sure that the compression ratio when saving your jpg image is set to level "medium" or "3". Some users have reported that images with higher compression will not upload correctly. This seems to be on a case by case basis. Third, if your upload does not work with Netscape try Internet Explorer, or Firefox and vice versa. When using Photoshop, use the "save for the web" feature. Also, if you have problems uploading .jpg files from a Mac, trying saving your image as a .gif file in